Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Thoughts From The Rookie!

   Wow!  What a ride!  After a truly amazing summer with the trip of a lifetime (more to follow), I find my self in a career change!  The new kid on the block...Academic Integration Coach - Glenn Yetter.  Still seems surreal.  Having found out officially two weeks ago, I'm still not sure it has hit me.
   My first impression of the job is actually quite frightening...I know so little!  I am constantly amazed at the level of knowledge of the technical world by my counterpart, Scott Swindells, and boss...wait, let me think...oh yeah...Kristen Kozloski.  (sorry couldn't help myself-inside joke)  Lord knows what made me think that I actually knew enough to be able to work in an effective manner.  THERE IS SO MUCH TO KNOW!  Not asking for a pity party, but am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

   On the bright side, Scott has been awesome!  Patient, friendly, and the perfect mentor.  I do feel truly fortunate that I share an office with him and hope he knows how thankful I am for his guidance and support.  Kristen and the girls upstairs have been just as supportive.  It's so refreshing to have a boss that actually lets you be to do your job.  I kook forward to many years working in this department!  Finally a special shout out to my wife, Nicole, who has been so supportive through this transition.  Thanks Dr. Yetter!

  Now there is work to be done.  I kind of jumped in the first few days and threw out some ideas on helping those new the SMARTBoard.  Poor folks.  They get this amazing piece of equipment and no idea on how to use it!  This, I might say, could be my saving grace and an asset to the team  That I still have a classroom teachers perspective on how things work and the time and effort that implementing new techy ideas takes.  This, my followers, is something that I hope that I never lose sight of in the months and years to follow.  It is with this perspective that I will use to drive my efforts in helping teachers connect, educate, evaluate and prepare their students for the future.

  This is a huge task, one that I do not take lightly, but I look forward to the challenges ahead.  Each day the light shines brighter and I feel more comfortable in my role.  Things happen for a reason and I know that this is where I should be.
  Thanks for reading the rambling thoughts of the rookie. 

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