Monday, October 31, 2011

Drawing a Blank

     Yep.  I've got it, and hopefully I don't have it too bad.  Blog Block.  Not really sure how I came down with it, but hopefully it won't last.  Is there a cure? For my teammates sake, i hope it's not contagious!

     It's not that I have nothing to say, or have not been busy, it's just, well,...uh mm, sometime I feel that if I don't have anything profound to write about, or that I have had some great epiphany, then it's not worth writing about.  So, let's recap the week and see what we can connect to technology.

     Got a twitter account!  Never really found an interest in it, but have been chatting with a lot of people and how it can be used in the classroom.  I actually am following a teacher at one of our middle schools who tweets assignments for his students.  A principal in the district is using it to communicate with parents about things that are happening in his school.  Its actually almost like an addiction with him.  I even follow James VanReimsdyk (JVR to all you Flyers fans)  I have made a few posts, and read what others are doing in the world of tech ed.  It's fun, and I enjoy seeing what others are thinking and doing, but I am not a Twitter fanatic yet.

   Snow. October.  Two words that should really not go together!  Unbelievable that we got up to six inches of slush this past Saturday.  While it looks great, it's too heavy to shovel.  Was nice spending time with Mitch outside making the area walkable.  Add all of the branches that came down with it, and Sunday morning was a blast!  I had been motivated to write this Blog on Sunday, but that darn block just wouldn't ease up.  Was a bit taken aback when I learned that my teammate was in an accident on early Sunday morning.  Thankfully, he is OK, and the car is not too bad.  Kind of puts a little bit of a different perspective on things.

    Watched some second graders use a site called Animoto.  Really cool.  Talk about raising the bar high, this second grade teacher expected her students to research something specific about a city.  write text, save and then upload a file to Animoto, put together a presentation with music, and then publish.  All with what I saw as little instruction other than a few handouts.  Granted there were three teachers in the computer lab, but the beauty of it was how she let the kids work to just figure it out!  They were great!  Yes, a few played the helpless card, but for the vast majority, they only needed a little guidance on how and where to place some files.  The learning that took place was incredible!  I was impressed with how much she expected from her students.  The ability of the teacher to let go of the 'control' factor and not have to do everything for the kids was exemplary.  Ahhh, if only others could let go...

    Speaking of expectations, we as Eagle Fans had a high level of expectation for our 'DREAM'  team this year.  After a dismal start, the Linc was electric last night as our boys put a whippin on those boys from Dallas!  Probably one of the mot entertaining parts was the Dallas fan I sat next too, who was booing Tony Romo all night!  Other than a week off, I'm not really sure what the difference was, but I'll take it!  Did Andy Reid use some type of technology to aid in his 2 for 2 red flag throws!  The game was  an unexpected treat from a good friend who called at the last minute.  Was a late night, but one that makes today well worth it. Thanks Dan!

  Finally, my daughter got a wedding dress. Not sure whether or not the father of the bride is supposed to see it, but from what I hear, she looks amazing in it!

Well, I feel a little bit better, but not sure the 'Blog Block is totally gone.  No research to post, quotes to share, or links to, well, link, but, I hope that you had a great week as well.  How do you cure 'Blog Block'?  Maybe a bologna and cheese on rye?

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  1. I think you're on to something with the food. I've heard that can clear "blog block" better than anything!