Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gotta do a better job of that...

     This week let's take a break from technology, but somehow I'm sure I will tie it in, and talk about the debacle that is your Philadelphia Eagles. How can what was in the preseason called a 'Dream Team', be on the verge of being 1-4.
     Agreed, I am not a football expert by any imagination, but I feel that I do have some common sense. plus I listen to a lot of sports talk radio. Let''s start at the top with Big Red, Andy Reid. Winningest coach in Eagles history - duly noted. But at what point in one's career, do you begin to lose it without realizing it? Where in the NFL playbook does it say that if you are the boss, arrogance is good call? How many times would you and I still have a job, if upon a review of our work, all we commented was, "I gotta do a better job of that". Really?
     Someone please remind me what Andy's strategy was to promote someone who has a no NFL experience in coaching defenses, to the top spot as a defensive coordinator. Fine, he may know what defenses to plan against an offensive line, but Juan Castillo seems to think that a blitzes are something you get at a fancy brunch! Plus you sign the top defensive back in the league, who can play man on man coverage, and make him play zone d, Really?
     Post game press conferences remind me of...well not really sure what they remind me of, but when listening to how Andy deals with the media is unbelievable. Granted the press can be a bit unforgiving, but these guys that cover the sport do know a thing or two about a thing or two? Do the fans have any say about their team? I would have to guess that the Lansdale Cannoneers 90 lb football team would not call some type of flea-flicker play from the three yard line! So when asked why would you call such a play, and is that a play that is practiced, Andy responds with,'If you came to practice, you would see'. Does that have the tone of arrogance or of someone who is losing it?
     Having taught for 25 years, I have had my share fair of observations. All quite good, if I may say so, but the point is, if my boss, or parent of a student, questioned me on why or how I did certain things and I constantly replied with, 'I gotta do a better job of that', for almost thirteen years, I know I wouldn't be typing this blog...I would be out of a job. And you thought teachers had job security!
     So, what's the tie in with technology? Not really sure, other than that I hope that I NEVER feel that I am the expert on something and become arrogant to think that I have all of the answers. I also hope that I realize what types of technology fit best with the desired outcome, and not go with what I deem as the right one, just because I am the tech guy.  Remember, it's not about the technology!!
     This concluded my rant on Big Red. Will this blog actually accomplish anything...hardly. Sure makes me feel better though, especially after a Game three win in St. Louis by the Phillies. Post a comment. Don't feed into the mentality of making me feel good by not saying anything.


Hope to hear from you!


  1. Is this similar to "the tree in the woods story?" If there are comments, then as the tree was falling, people actually heard limbs breaking and the tree hitting the ground? Or if there are no comments - does that mean the tree never really fell?

  2. I think the tie in is that you are reflecting on your practice. Definitely not about the technology and that's ok! :)